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Cat Behavior

Cat Behavior

Cats are at their most loving and well behaved when they feel in control of their environment.

When they feel in control they will mark their home by rubbing their face and release pheromone.

This release happens each time a cat rubs its face against furniture or nuzzles up against your legs.

When you see your cat displaying this cat behavior, you can be sure that it’s feeling great.

Signs of a Happy Cat

Signs of Happy Cat

Cats "say" they're happy. Your cat has his/her own way of telling you. These are some of the cat signs you will recognize:

  • Happy Welcome: A cat pleased to see you she will put her tail straight up.
  • Happy and Chatty: Kitties tell you all about it, and engage in long drawn out conversations. Generally the higher-pitched sounds are "happy". Lower pitched can have a bit of frustration and be more demanding. Quiet cats may express happiness with silence, and vocalizes more to express unhappiness.
  • Happy and Relaxed: The relaxed contented cat rests stretched out, ears forward, eyelids "sleepy" at half-mast.
  • Happy Cuddle: If your cat curls up in your lap and you’re stroking him as he purrs, there’s an excellent chance he’s content and is letting you know. When a cat feels happy he will often start treadling with her paws as if kneading dough. Kneading is always associated with pleasure.
  • Happy and Confident: A cat holding her head up is a content and confident cat. A happy cat shows interest in his environment.
  • Happy and Curious: Curiosity and enthusiasm are signs of happiness. A curious cat’s tail will be upright, but might also move a little from side to side, while her ears will be erect. Her eyes will be wide open.
  • Other Happy Signs: Cats who feel good keep themselves well groomed. Happy cats also will engage in play.


  • Eyes: Dilated pupils
  • Ears: Out to the side; back against head
  • Spine/posture: Back arched; crouched; legs under body
  • Tail: Tucked; curled around body; forceful movement, thumping
  • Mouth: Open; panting; hissing, growling, spitting
Stressed Cat


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