Nature's Calming Signal, FELIWAY®

Nature's Calming Signal, FELIWAY®

What are Pheromones?

Pheromones are like Post-it® notes, cats leave a message for themselves and other cats. The messages expressed by the pheromones result in behavior changes, such as decreasing fear. Pheromones are not hormones. Pheromones are natural, invisible, only detected by the species that left them, and harmless.Pheromones are chemical signals which are widely used for animal communication.

Different body structures secrete different pheromones.  They are associated with different messages, such as territorial pheromones, sexual pheromones, appeasing pheromones, or alarm pheromones.

Diagram of cat pheromone-producing areas:

1. Facial Area (facial pheromone fraction, F3) 2. Mammary Area (cat appeasing pheromones, C.A.P.) 3. Foot Pads (feline interdigital semiochemical, F.I.S.) 

What is FELIWAY®?

FELIWAY® mimics the feline facial pheromones (F3) used by cats to mark their territory as safe and secure. Cats that mark their territory with facial rubbing indicate they are happy and comfortable in their environment. Cats that are under stress are more likely to mark their territory with scratching or urine spraying, not facial rubbing. FELIWAY® can provide your cat comfort and calming at home.

FELIWAY® MultiCat is a different pheromone than FELIWAY®. FELIWAY MultiCat mimics the cat appeasing pheromone that mother cats naturally produces after giving birth. This pheromone helps bond the kittens to the mother and its siblings while helping calm and comfort them. FELIWAY® MultiCat is clinically proven* to help reduce tension and conflict between cats in a home.

*DePorter T, Lopez A, Olivier E.  Evaluation of the efficacy of a new pheromone product versus placebo in the management of feline aggression in multi-cat households.  Proc ACVB/AVSAB Veterinary Behavior Symposium, Denver, 2014.