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The act of rubbing a part of the body against another individual. Feline allorubbing for cats is the human equivalent of a handshake or a hug. They do it both for the tactile sensation (it feels good) and to exchange scent (which is undetectable by people). It's a positive, social behavior that happy and healthy cats will display and it is also a way of communicating.


The act of grooming, which is directed toward another individual. Cats use allogrooming as an affiliative behaviour, which confirms relationships between cats in the same social group. In a social context allogrooming is a symmetrical behaviour with both individuals contributing equally to the behavioural interaction.


A general term which describes a range of behavioural responses involved in the emotional contexts of threat, defence and attack.


A physiological and behavioural response to the anticipation of danger, be that real or perceived.


The act of detecting and processing olfactory information through the vomeronasal organ.