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My cat Alfie (Alfalfa Sprouts) is a rescue who was abandoned on the streets as a kitten by his mother and litter mates due to a tail injury. He’s always had horrible separation anxiety in the time I’ve had him, over a year (I suspect as a result). Every time I’m gone (or asleep) he scratches, chews on anything he can find, and tears paper and plastic bags into tiny shreds; he’s destroyed numerous books when left alone. He knocks everything he can off of counters and even though I sleep with the door open, he refuses to venture out and give me peace (can’t shut him out either b/c litter box is in the closet). I hadn’t slept a full night without being driven awake by him in eons. He also heavily reduces his food intake when I’m gone, preferring to eat with me near (I left recently for an evening and returned in the morning to untouched food, which he ate almost immediately once he saw me). Now I’m leaving soon for a two month archaeological dig and knowing that he reduces eating and gets severely anxious when I’m gone, I invested in this product to give it a test run. Granted, I’ve only had it plugged in for a few days, but he hasn’t torn paper in two days, and last night I slept through the night (amazing!) because he didn’t chew, tear or knock anything from the counters from stress while I slept! He even spent most of the night outside of my room because he didn’t feel the need to be in close proximity to me. I know we’re definitely in the early stages, and his scratching of furniture hasn’t minimized yet, but I’m excited already, and I have a feeling this is going to become a permanent investment. Thanks, Feliway!