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Boomer, , Milo & Izzy, Carmel, Boots and Annie


I am the owner of 2 cats. Earlier this year, I took in my daughter's 2 cats. Now 4 cats. They adjusted to each other fairly well. In the fall, I adopted a stray. Again, they adapted fairly well as the stray is a sweetie with no territorial demands. Now 5 cats. All was well. In September, I adopted a stray that appeared to have been abused by other animals while outdoors. She was covered in scars, scratches, fleas, etc. Not such a smooth transition. Every time I would try to introduce her to the other cats, she went into ferocious attack mode. I was recommended FELIWAY MultiCat diffuser. It took about a month, but a few days ago, there was a Christmas miracle!! She was laying on my lap and the other cats began wandering near. Instead of her usual hissing and attacking, she just laid on my lap!! Since then, there has been no aggressive behavior at all, which makes for a much happier household. I am absolutely thrilled at the results from FELIWAY MultiCat!