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Bridgette, 9 years old

stressed cat

Our Cat Bridgette, was adopted last yr from a shelter. After the first night we heard a sound like a dog barking. This was at any given time, sometimes throughout the night, and especially when I left for work in the morning and my girlfriend would be trying to sleep. It was very annoying at times. My girlfriend was getting very tired of it.  We figured it was because she was in a shelter and picked up the sound of dogs, lol. Recently, she ran away and was gone for 18 days. A person about a mile away found her and took her to the vet. Luckily she was microchipped and is now back with us. We thought we would take her to the Vet and find out why she makes this sound. The vet examined her and said she is in good health.  When told her of the "barking," she said she had never heard this and laughed . The vet recommended Feliway.  After a day she is a completely different cat. My girlfriend is her best friend now, lol. I am always saying to her, "Are you the same cat, Bridgette?" LOL.  She is so calm now and I don't even know she is there sometimes, lol. Sleeping is a whole lot better too by the way, lol. Thanks again Feliway, Keith