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Charlotte , Willow & Penelope


About 1.5 years after I introduced our youngest cat, Charlotte. Willow, our second-youngest cat, began bullying Char. It was unfortunate because Char wasn't leaving our bedroom anymore because she was too scared of Willow. After consistently using FELIWAY MultiCat diffuser, the bullying has been cut down by 90% & the best part is that Char is no longer afraid of Willow and is showing confidence all over the house. (We're talking about a cat was too scared to leave my bedroom for MONTHS) Even right after she may have been bullied, she bounces back with confidence. I can't believe she went from being scared "under the bed kitty", to becoming such a confident & comfortable cat! I owe it all to FELIWAY MultiCat! Hands down the best purchase any struggling cat owner can make! Thank you so much!