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Clarabell, 14 years old


I was moving from NY to Florida and as stressful as that is, I was ten times more stressed about making the trip with Miss Clarabell. She’s a terrible rider, as many cats are, but she’s also a cat that isn’t easily handled. She was about two when I adopted her and had obviously been mistreated and she’s never forgotten. I setup the small wire dog crate she would be traveling in about a month before the trip, sprayed it everyday with FELIWAY CLASSIC spray according to instructions. Clara was perfect on our two day trip, stayed overnight in a motel and she even got right back in the crate in the morning with no trouble. Never made a sound, except when she wanted a treat lol, and was calm and relaxed the entire trip. Clara does not like to be handled or confined, she’s a cat that will NOT get in a box or anything that’s laying around. I was extremely anxious and worried making this trip with her, and my family still talks about how well she did to this day, which is now five years later.