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Cosmo , Pinto & Romeo

peeing out of litter box

Cosmo started urinating blood on the furniture when my mother in law’s dog came to stay with us. I had him checked for medical issues, and he has a common syndrome called Feline Interstitial Cystitis (FIC). The main treatment for this is relieving stressful situations, and short term medical management. Pain management and NSAIDs meds stopped the bloody urine, but he was still stress peeing. I started him on a prescription food, and added a FELIWAY CLASSIC diffuser. Right away Cosmo’s inappropriate urination stopped. He and Pinto lay right in front of the diffuser, visibly relaxed. I’m hoping we never have another FIC flare up, but I will continue to use the diffuser because it definitely relieves stress, both for Cosmo and my family.