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Hi there!My husband and I adopted Kitty from Memphis Animal Shelter in Memphis, TN in May of 2017. The first two days she hid from us and wouldn't eat or drink anything. I happened to have won a goodie basket from the shelter that had a FELIWAY CLASSIC Diffuser plus 2 refills. I plugged one in before we went to bed on the third day and around 5 AM that following morning, Kitty was meowing and loving on us like crazy. She was much calmer and her personality began to really show through. Fast forward to this past weekend, we've moved to a new home in Billings, MT and the first night was really rough for Kitty. She cried the entire night...thankfully I remembered I had kept the additional FELIWAY refill! I plugged it in our bedroom and about an hour or so later she was so calm and has really warmed up to our new home. We absolutely love this product and what it's done for Kitty!Thank you!Sincerely,Rachel