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Lil , Kyra


We have two feral kittens that we trapped and brought in during the middle of winter here in NE NY. These two little furballs were very anxious going from their parents and the outdoors to human parents and being kept inside our house. For several months, I would sit on the floor with them to teach and help them to learn trust and what humans can do for them. Initially we thought they were both females and we were very happy with that. We didn’t exactly want any males. A couple of months into having them, we found that the runt was actually a male. None of that deterred me or changed my instant love for them. The male kitten has taken to domestication very well. I can’t say the same for our female. Kyra our lil girl, has always been a terrified little scary cat. She would shake and her heart would beat so hard, her entire body would move with every beat. Any noise and she goes into hiding. My male cat, Lil, has been a godsend to his sister. He has been by her side since the moment we brought her home. It took us a couple days in between trapping the kittens to bring home Kyra. Lil has taught her about the litter box, where to find food. He is always cuddled up with her or grooming her and when she’s having a good day, Lil will play with her all day if that’s what Kyra wants. But despite offering her a safe and very loving environment, poor Kyra hasn’t been able to relax. I was so afraid she would have a heart attack she was so visibly terrified all of the time. They go to vet appointments together and in the same crate, so as to keep Kyra as calm as possible. A few wks ago, they went in to be fixed. When I explained to our vet how scared and afraid Kyra was- they didn’t really seem to understand what I was trying to express. All I would hear is - cats do what they want, cats will run and hide it’s in their nature, if a cat ignores you then so be it. And I’m screaming inside- you’re not listening to what I’m saying!!!! I would politely rephrase my concerns and they were still dismissed. Finally after 15 mins of listening to some young thing tell me my cat is fine- I kinda snapped a little and got a tad bit loud- sadly, that’s what it took to get my vet to understand my fears. She kept thinking by feral, I meant stray. Once I finally got her to listen- she suggested I try FELIWAY since any medications were out of the question- there’s no way in hell Kyra would let me give her medication, it was extremely difficult to give her pain meds after being fixed and I was only able to do that by betraying her trust and forcing the medication into her mouth. When it came time to purchase the FELIWAY diffuser at the counter, one of the techs that checked me out- couldn’t share enough of her personal experience with your product. She was so enthusiastic about it, she caught the attention of the entire waiting room and suddenly- several people were purchasing your product. I have no other behavioral issues with my kittens- just poor Kyra being so afraid of everything all the time!!! I purchased the diffuser and a small travel size spray bottle for me to use when we travel. We’re about 3-4wks in and I have to say- thank you because my little girl - she’s still very cautious and afraid- BUT!!!! She no longer shakes terribly, and her heart doesn’t beat like it’s going to come out of her chest. When I pet her, clumps of hair no longer come out. And my tiny little girl has finally put on a little weight!!! Also there is a very noticeable change in her coat. It no longer feels like straw- it’s coming in full and fluffy just like her brothers. I know all of this is thanks to your product!!! I just want to thank you and the creators of this formula!!! It has been a godsend to us. My two ferals are slowly becoming domesticated and now they are as comfortable as I can make them while transitioning. I do not expect them to ever be fully domesticated and that’s ok!!! As long as I’m continually creating a warm, safe and loving environment for them