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Luna , June & Fluffy


When Luna was 2, her college student owners decided they could no longer keep her and convinced my kind hearted college student daughter that she was a wonderful house cat. My daughter couldn't keep Luna herself but brought her home to my household, which consisted only of an elderly cat and a sedate dog. Luna was unhappy from the start, fearful of everything, and expressed this aggressively. We added a kitten the next year, and while she tolerated June she continued to prefer the outdoors as much as I'd let her. Despite a large house and 3 litter boxes she frequently soiled on the rugs. Facing a move to a smaller house in a busier neighborhood I feared this would become even worse, and my tolerance for it was reaching an end. I came terribly close to removing her from my household. In desperation, I tried FELIWAY MultiCat. Wow!!! Fairly instantly, Luna became a wonderful addition to the menagerie. Six months in, and four months since the move, she's happy to be indoors all the time, has never yet failed to use the litter boxes, follows me around the house, and has become a lap cat. FELIWAY really saved her life. I continue to recommend it when I hear from others with problem cats.