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My husband and I got our cat from a friend. He was/is feral and had been living on the street since he was born. We had no idea what we were getting into with a feral kitten/adolescent cat. Our cat hid under the bed, constantly attacked me when I tried to come too close, and showed signs of extreme distress by meowing at the window constantly throughout the night. During this time I did my best to follow the guidelines of turning a feral cat into a well behaved house cat. People who had done the same constantly recommended FELIWAY but we chose not to buy. Eventually, because of the lack of progress, we decided to try the diffuser and IMMEDIATELY saw results. Our sweet baby started coming out from hiding and eventually gained confidence to hang out with us. I was still kind of skeptical if it was the FELIWAY or just time. After about 3 week we noticed our sweet unneutered Pablo started acting like a nut case again, meowing like crazy at night.... I noticed our FELIWAY diffuser was out and thought maybe that was why.  We went and bought a refill...and Pablo was back to normal. I know our sweet cat stays calms, feels comfortable and safe in his new home now because the FELIWAY helped him. I am just so grateful for it. SO GRATEFUL. He’ll be neutered this week and I’m hoping we won’t need to continue the constant refills, but if we need to keep buying it to help my cat, I would seriously buy it for the rest of Pablo’s life. So if anyone says it’s a hoax, and a waste of money, they’re wrong. Thanks Feliway! My sweet Pablo has come such a long way!