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Penny, 4 years old


Well, from the beginning our Penny was a piece of work... A confident, playful and very characteristic little princess, who always got what she wanted, one way or another. She was our little baby and we loved her to the moon and back. After a year or so, our family grew, adding a lovely baby boy to our household. Only Penny didn't appreciate it very much. She began to constently hiss, bite and scratch us and the people coming along. I did understand that having a baby would have an impact on her, but I never thought she would be so unhappy. That's when I started to search for a solution. And that's when I found out about FELIWAY. Since we started using the FELIWAY CLASSIC diffuser in our home, Penny feels a lot more at ease. She sits with us, cuddles a lot and is better accepting the people coming into our home. The hissing stopped and now we have a so called 'mojito cat' (also many thanks to Jackson Galaxy for that...) Our mutual love exists again and our entire household is calm and happy now.