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Rosie , Casper & Taylor McKittrick


When we first adopted our second cat (Casper), our first cat (Rosie) couldn't STAND to even smell anything of Casper's, let alone be in the same room! After 3 weeks of locking them in separate rooms with Rosie hissing and spitting anytime she got close to the door, I was at my wits end. After a week of using the FELIWAY MultiCat plugin, they were able to be in the same room with almost no issues. By 2-3 weeks in, I was totally fine leaving them home alone together and they were coexisting well! It's been a year now since Casper was adopted and our cats are actually fine now without the FELIWAY - but we NEVER would have made it to this point without it! I highly, highly recommend Feliway.