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Scritch , Bo & Piper


We have two adult cats (4 years old) and recently adopted two kittens who are now young adult cats (1 year old) in our household. One of the older cats struggled to adjust to the new additions and was constantly hissing, swatting, and fighting with them every time they crossed paths. She started to spend a lot of time hiding in closets to avoid interacting with them. She refused to be in a room with them and was having severe anxiety eating in the same area as the kittens, to the point that she lost a significant amount of weight. She definitely was not herself anymore. Since we got the FELIWAY MultiCat diffuser, she has been more confident, stopped hiding, tolerates the kittens, regaining the lost weight, and today we even caught her catching a nap with one of them. Thank you Feliway, for giving us our cat back!