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Timmy , Thomas & Annie


We adopted Timmy in February. He had been rescued at 3 months old and lived in a cage at a shelter for a year and a half. He was described as fearful of everything. It took about 2 months before he felt comfortable coming upstairs out of the basement. As he became comfortable he started bullying Thomas and Annie. He would stalk and chase them away from toys, food, water dish etc. Both became anxious and it got to the point where they were spending most of their time hiding under our bed. I had tried calming sprays, chews and homeopathic remedies all of which took the edge off but not enough. In desperation I ordered the FELIWAY Multicat diffuser. By the next day all 3 showed less signs of stress. Within a week they were seen sleeping in living room. It’s now a month later and the stalking stopped. Timmy occasionally chases but it’s play and not aggressive and all 3 can play and be in same rooms together. I will continue to use this product. Thank you FELIWAY for restoring harmony!