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Weezy , Dueces

environmental factors

Weezy is a 9 year old neutered male and Dueces is  spayed female, a bit over 1 year. They have been best buddies since the first meeting. I purchased a used litter box furniture cover, it looked kind of like a night stand and brought it in the house on a Sunday.  My cats turned on each other due to the smells of that furniture from the other cats that previously had used it. The fighting was horrible. Fur was flying-defecating was happening. That went on for 2 days and I was at my wits end.  I called the vet and they recommended Feliway. I was skeptical but desperate. I purchased the diffuser and wipes and the spray on Tuesday and by Wednesday morning--they were bumping noses as usual and eating together and playing as normal. WHAT A RELIEF! This product was AMAZING! Highly recommend!