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Zoe , Delilah & Oliver


Got Zoe and decided she needed a friend. Got Delilah and she never truly warmed up and it’s been 7 months. Decided to get a companion for Delilah (Zoe is kind of a bully) and threw off the progress with Zoe and Delilah completely plus the stress of a baby kitten that needs a lot of attention. I noticed a decrease in hissing between all 3 cats within the first 20 minutes. Hissing completely stopped within 4 hours of the diffuser being plugged in and all three cats were playing nicely together. Delilah, who I have to force to snuggle, came up to me on her own and snuggled with her body completely relaxed for 30 minutes. This has cut the introduction period into a fraction of the time it usually takes. I love this diffuser!