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Unknown, 10 yrs old

I have a 6 year old castrated male Burmese. He is a lovely cat but has always hated travelling by car, even for short distances. After only a few minutes he would start to salivate, vomit, urinate and often have diarrhea.

I always made sure my cat did not eat before I took him in the car, but recently I also decided to try using Feliway® Spray inside the cat basket.

From the first time I used it the result was incredible. No more vomiting, no more peeing, no more diarrhea. Sometimes, he still cries a little, but car travel has become much more comfortable for him….and for us.

Since trying Feliway® we have made eight car journeys (long and short) and each time was just as successful.

Alexandra B, Bordeaux

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