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Tisha, 8 yrs old

I’ve 4 cats, 3 Persians (1 Blue point, 2 Blue cream Persians) and 1 fluffy one. I had 5 but I had one put to sleep a few weeks ago. I had a problem in general with the Persians marking with urine and faeces almost every day, typically weeing on my settee and just outside the litter tray.

The 2 blue cream Persians are sisters and the worst at leaving little presents. Since using Feliway the marking with both urine and faeces, has dropped a lot and they don’t seem as stressed in general.

Tisha was the one who was marking the most and who had stress cystitis. For the first few days after using the diffuser there was a massive change in her behaviour. She seemed chilled out and happy. When it had been on for a few days the change in them all was fantastic!

When the diffuser ran out Tisha got more stressed and started marking again. I went to the vet concerned that the cystitis had returned but he told me to buy a new refill. I did and the very next day the marking had stopped.

Tisha' from Amanda Stockton, UK

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