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Vet Recommended

Vet Recommended

FELIWAY® is used and recommended by veterinarians all over the world.

Many Veterinary Practices use FELIWAY® within their practice to help cats settle into the practice; it is clinically proven* to help reduce stress during the veterinary exam, making the examination easier and reducing the stress a cat feels from the experience. 

The American Association of Feline Practitioners provides a standard for vet practices to achieve to be a Cat Friendly Practice. The standard includes the use of FELIWAY® within the practice.

*Periera JS, et al, Proc of the 2014 Int'l Congress on Semiochemistry and the Mgmt of Animal Pop, France, Nov 2014; pp 89-90.

Veterinary Staff Members Tell Us How They Use FELIWAY®

This video shows The Pet Clinic in Omaha and their experience of using FELIWAY® and ADAPTIL® pheromones in veterinary practice. They recommend cat owners use FELIWAY® to help get the cat to their veterinary clinic.  



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