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Marking New Furniture

New Furniture

Cats become quite attached to their environment, marking each room and each piece of furniture with their scent as a way to establish and organize their environment. Redecorating or remodeling can become a challenging time as their marks all have disappeared.

Cats are territorial animals, and changes in their home can be stressful.  

  • Moving old furniture changes their territory and their familiar marks
  • Redecorating changes their perception of their home
  • Adding furniture or replacing old with new furniture creates change

How to help cats cope with home improvements

Plug in a FELIWAY® diffuser 24 hours before making changes in the home if possible.

A FELIWAY® Diffuser vial lasts four weeks and will help your cat adjust to the changes by releasing the synthetic pheromone that keeps your cat feeling relaxed and your household a welcoming and familiar place.

This should help stop unwanted behaviors such as scratching and spraying, which is especially important when it comes to new furniture.

For added comfort, spray FELIWAY® on new furniture and prominent parts of the renovated/redecorated area of your home (furniture's angles, door frame).  The FELIWAY® spray is alcohol based and won't stain objects (however as a precaution we always recommend testing an inconspicuous area first before broad application).

Also see our advice on how to make a Cat friendly home. This should also help protect furniture.

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