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Boarding Your Cat

Boarding Your Cat

Leaving the familiar confines of home can be stressful for your cat.

Leaving Home is Never Easy

You can help with this transition to help reduce stress. Boarding your cat is sometimes unavoidable and can cause a cat considerable stress.  

To help ease the transition for your beloved feline, be sure to spray FELIWAY® into their cat carrier to keep them feeling at ease and secure so they can return happy and feeling great.

FELIWAY® is clinically proven* to help reduce the signs of stress for cats that are away from home. Many boarding facilities use FELIWAY® as part of normal stress-management practices. Ask your facility if they use FELIWAY® and if they don't, you can bring FELIWAY® from home and ask them to use the calming pheromones while your cat is boarded.  

*Griffith CA, Steigerwald ES et al. Effects of a synthetic facial pheromone on behavior of cats, JAVMA 2000: 217; 1154-1156

Using FELIWAY® in the cattery


Spray empty kennels with 8-10 pumps of FELIWAY® 15 minutes prior to placing cat in the kennel.


Spray bedding with FELIWAY®.


Place a towel over the front door of the kennel to give the cat some privacy.


Re-apply FELIWAY® spray every 4-5 hours.


If an outlet is available, plug in a FELIWAY® diffuser so all cats can experience the calming pheromones.

Help Ease the Transition Back Home:

Plug a FELIWAY® Diffuser in at home 24 hours before bringing your cat back, to help her settle home more quickly.

For even more information, see advice from International Cat Care on How to choose a boarding cat kennel.


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