Zgodbe o uspehu Oglejte si zgodbe »Srečni skupaj« o mačkah, ki jim je FELIWAY pomagal

Baxter , Pearlie Mae


Baxter is 15, Pearlie Mae is 4. They have lived together since Pearlie Mae arrived on the deck 4 yrs ago. Recently, a stray cat came on our deck in the middle of the night. We were awakened to hissing and growling. We came rushing downstairs in time to see Pearl, who was sitting on a bench above Baxter, jump down and land on top of Baxter. The cat out doors ran away but apparently Baxter now thought Pearl was the intruder. We went through three days of hissing and growling, not only at each other, but also at my husband and I. We bought FELIWAY Classic and within two days our family was back to coexisting. Thanks for bringing peace back into our lives.