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Bebe , Sophie & Bailey

peeing out of litter box

Bebe was a homeless cat that roamed our neighborhood for about 6 months. She would never let us get close enough to touch her. One day I was in my garage with the door up and she must have been hungry because she waited while I got her a bowl of food and proceeded to gobble it down. After about 2 weeks of her hanging around our house and sleeping in the garage, we took her to the vet to get vaccines and a health check. We brought her in our home and she quickly became family. She has been urinating on rugs and clothing for 2 years now ever since coming into our home. We bought the FELIWAY Classic wall diffuser about a month ago and are happy to report that she has not urinated on ANYTHING in 2 weeks whereas it used to be almost a daily occurance. FELIWAY has helped us get to a point where we can just enjoy the amazing cat she is without the constant stress from her inappropriate urine marking. Thank you Feliway!