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BlueTommySue , Saint & Sinner


I found BlueTommySue at 4 weeks of age walking across Rt. 112, a very busy 4 lane route all by herself at 6:30 am. I brought her home and loved her and cared for her like a baby. At almost 2 years of age, my roommate let her out and she of course got pregnant. I kept the two kittens, and named them Saint and Sinner. She was an amazing momma until one day when they were about 3 months old, she attacked and tried to kill them. I picked them up and momma then came after me!! She has the loudest, most terrifying scream.. Always a petite little girl, she was only about 6-7 pounds or so and extremely athletic. She has never been one to use her claws, she's a biter. Bit me 5 times, causing 2 that bled alot.. My roommate came in after hearing the screams, did she went after him!! I separated them, spayed momma cat, and she was pretty much back to normal. So I started letting them see each other through the smallest crack of the bedroom door. Slight improvement over 2 weeks. Then I had to move to a new apartment. Continued letting them see more and more of each other. Eventually all was well. For a week!! She went after her older daughter, and then ran under the bed and stayed there, screaming at me if I even so much as spoke to her. It took her SIX DAYS to recognize me again!! I read everything I could find about her actions, and learned that she has "fear aggression". If anything spooks her, she first attacks and then hides. I found FELIWAY Multi-Cat, desperate but doubtful.. Within FOUR DAYS, all three were cleaning each other, loving each other.. Peace at last!! If I run out, within the same 4 day time period, she's out of her mind again. As long as I use the FELIWAY Multi-Cat Diffuser, everything is just wonderful!! Thank you so very much for saving my little family!! Love, Alison, BlueTommySue, Saint, and Sinner.