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Machi , Ripley

environment changes

I have had Machi since he was 4 weeks old, I bottle fed him.  He was soo friendly with other animals I never had any problems until I rescued my 2nd cat Ripley, when someone threw him out the window. I brought him home and at first it took a little while but they got along. But I Machi isn't fixed and neither is Ripley. COVID-19 didn't help either.  The cats got along for about 2 weeks and then Machi started peeing on my couches, you name it, it was everywhere. Then I found FELIWAY Classic spray to try it out. It was a miracle!! Machi doesn't pee or cry or act stressed out anymore. Now I am going to order FELIWAY multicat diffuser to see if my 2 cats will get along again, so let's keep our fingers crossed.