Zgodbe o uspehu Oglejte si zgodbe »Srečni skupaj« o mačkah, ki jim je FELIWAY pomagal

Muffin , Tequila


Thank you FELIWAY!! My mom has been using the plug in recommended by her vet years ago for her various cats. I use it religiously as well! We have 2 cats that came from different single cat homes and adjusting to each other has taken some time. We love the plug in for everyday use and to calm them during times they get on each others nerves. We also began full time RV living and traveling sometimes across country every 3 months. The FELIWAY Classic wipes have been a life saver! We wipe the carriers down each morning prior to loading them and traveling and they are so good! I recommend your products to everyone especially those full time RV living with cats! Thank you!