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Rue , Lilo & Jasper & Stormy

peeing outside the litter box

I have in total - 4 cats. My oldest cat (Rue) is almost 9 y/o, and my other three cats are between the ages of 1 and 2. My younger cats loved to taunt Rue, and she'd hiss and run away. We noticed that she started to hide the majority of the day started developing habits that included urinating on our bed, couches, and clothes. It was frustrating trying to buy products that would discourage urinating and fighting between my cats. We were skeptical anything would actually work. Once we purchased the FELIWAY Classic diffuser, within 2 days we noticed an instant behavioral change in all of my cats. Rue no longer pees on our stuff and comes out for the majority of the day, and my other cats are much more affectionate. I strongly advocate for this product and have continued to purchase it because of how well it works for my cats. Nothing makes me happier! Super appreciative of this product.