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Salem , Binx


We adopted two kittens in September that were 4 & 5 months old. They were shoved in a sewer pipe during a heatwave in Boston. They were not expected to live, they couldn't even lift their heads to be dropper fed. We knew taking them wouldn't be easy, especially with anxiety issues. I had lost my previous cat & had said "no more" because they are just like my kids to me. My vet called explaining the situation & that they needed to be in a home no other animals, no children & with someone home all the time. I still said "no". He called again explaining what was going on & could I just go meet them? He is a very smart man, I couldn't say no. After months of having them with us things were better, but not good, after a very hard 48 hours that included trying everything. Nothing was working. Salem was in severe distress, not eating, not going to his litter box. He just shook, cried & soiled himself. I called the vet & shelter worried they would want them back, we were just not the right home for them. The vet recommended your product, FELIWAY Classic. Unfortunately, given it was just a couple weeks before xmas I couldn't find it anywhere. I picked up FELIWAY MultiCat & ordered FELIWAY Classic. I plugged FELIWAY MultiCat in, while it didn't 100% work he was a bit better. I was worried the FELIWAY Classic wouldn't work. But I got it in and, of course, you know where I'm going with this... it made a huge difference. I will be forever grateful for it! Do we still have some issues a bit but nothing like we did before.  It's a bit expensive but I'd pay anything to make them happy. If anyone is on the fence, especially because of price, don't be.  Try it PLEASE, it made all the difference in the world for my cats.