Zgodbe o uspehu Oglejte si zgodbe »Srečni skupaj« o mačkah, ki jim je FELIWAY pomagal

Tuxie LouAnn , Rosco and Boomer & Chaplin and Bandit


Tux Lou absolutely LOVES her FELIWAY Classic!!! We have them in multiple areas around the house and she will go out of her way, when waltzing through the house, to be sure and pass as close as possible to the plug in! She especially loves the one in the bedroom (obviously! as seen in the picture!!!) She was a stray that literally walked in the door one night while I was taking Molly doggo out to go to the bathroom, just came right in and said 'MINE!'. We put up flyers and notices, but no one came to claim her, so we went ahead and let her adopt us. We had already had Rosco, and they got along just fine. Fast forward to 3 more rescues and the stress really started getting to her. No cat fights etc, it was just obvious she used to be in a home as a single cat. Her mood has gotten calmer and she's stopped stress licking too! The rest of the cats (no offense) could absolutely care less about the things, which I think makes Tuxie even happier- they're all HERS! Thank you Feliway!!!