Cats not eating much - 4 things to do


Cats not eating - 4 things to do to help


Check with your vet:

many different medical conditions could be causing a loss of appetite


Understand why your cat is not eating much

  • Recent change of food?
  • Competition with another cat for food?
  • Recent changes at home? (E.g. moving home, new furniture or redecorating)
  • Recent travel or stay at a cattery?

Help improve your cat’s appetite with FELIWAY Optimum

  • Releases “happy messages”’ to create a safe and secure environment at home
  • You should see an improvement within the first week
  • We recommend continuous use for at least one month

Follow some tips to help improve their appetite

  • Offer tasty food: Try different food types, either dry or wet, with different flavours. Your cat may have their own preference.
  • Have their feeding station in a quiet room
  • Make sure food and water is always accessible
  • And make sure each cat has his own food bowl (cats do not like to share!)
  • Make sure their food, water and litter tray are all in separate locations
cat not eating

We recommend:


Just plug into a standard electrical socket in your cats' favourite room.

FELIWAY Classic Diffuser

Plug in where your cat spends most of their time.

Why is your cat eating less?

A number of different medical conditions may be the cause of your cat’s loss of appetite. We recommend to contact your vet in order to rule out any underlying health reason for this change.
Cats eat less when they feel disturbed or insecure.
Many things lead to your cat feeling less secure in it’s environment and a reduction of appetite:

Travelling upsets your cat’s routine which might cause them to avoid eating for a time.
Changes in the home can disturb your cat (E.g. moving home, new furniture, redecorating etc...)
Cats can take a long time to adjust to new types of food. So a recent change in diet could explain why your cat becomes picky with their food
Competition with other cats for food or water can keep your cat away from its food bowl or the presence of a dog.

Using a FELIWAY Optimum will help your cat to feel more safe and secure in its environment and get back to eating normally again.