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What does this Privacy Policy cover?

This Privacy Policy covers our use of your personal information which is collected through or in connection with this site. For the purposes of this policy, "this site" means the website, which links to other CEVA websites.

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How we collect personal information

We collect personal information directly from you, and only when you elect to provide that information on the website.

Special Notice - if you are under 13 years old

If you are under 13 years old please do not send us your personal information (for example, your name, address and email address). If you are under 13 years old and you wish to ask a question or use this site in anyway which requires you to submit your personal information please get your parent or guardian to do so on your behalf.

Personal information that we collect from you

We may collect the following types of information from you:

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What we do with the information we collect

We may collect and use personal information  in order to:

  • respond to queries or requests submitted by you,
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  • anticipate and resolve problems with any goods or services supplied to you,
  • create products or services that may meet your needs.
How we handle your personal information

We will take reasonable steps to protect your personal information from misuse, interference, loss, unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.  We have implemented technology and policies with the objective of protecting your privacy from unauthorised access and improper use and will update these measures as new technology becomes available, as appropriate.

If your personal information is no longer needed by us for any of the purposes identified above, and we are not required by law to retain it, we will take reasonable steps to destroy or render it incapable of identifying you.

As part of the services offered to you through our site, the information you provide to us may be transferred to countries outside of New Zealand. By way of example, this may happen if any of our servers are from time to time located in a country outside of New Zealand or one of our service providers is located in a country outside of New Zealand. These countries may not have similar data protection laws to New Zealand. If we transfer your information outside of New Zealand in this way, we will take steps to ensure that your privacy rights continue to be protected in accordance with this Privacy Policy. In addition, if you use our services while you are outside New Zealand, your information may be transferred outside New Zealand in order to provide you with those services.

Except as set out in this Privacy Policy, we will not disclose any personally identifiable information to anyone other than our employees, contractors, agents, and advisors (on a need to know basis) without your permission, consent, or authorisation, unless we are legally entitled or required to do so (for example, if required to do so by legal process or for the purposes of prevention of fraud or other crime) or if such disclosure is necessary to prevent or lessen a serious threat to public health or public safety, or the life or health of any individual.

Providing you with additional information and sharing your information

From time to time we would like to use your personal information for purposes other than as set out in the above section. We believe that these additional uses will be of benefit to you. However, we understand that you may not wish us to use your information in this way. We will not use your information for the purposes set out below unless you have expressly consented to us using your information in this way when submitting the information or later and have not subsequently withdrawn that consent by contacting the address set out below.   If such consent is withdrawn, we will stop the use of your information for such purposes immediately. In such case we will, however, continue to use your personal data for those purposes set out in the above section for which your consent has not been withdrawn.

From time to time we may, with your express consent, use the information you supply to us for:

  • market research and tracking of sales data;
  • informing you about our products and services, which may include contacting you by telephone;
  • giving the information to CEVA affiliate offices and companies, which may be located outside New Zealand, to enable them to send you information which may be of interest to you.
Transfer upon change of website operator

This site and the services offered on this site may be transferred to one of our affiliated companies in the future either as part of a group restructuring or otherwise. We may therefore transfer your personal information to any affiliated company that in the future owns or operates this site or the services available on this site but such company shall use your personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy at all times.

Collection of non-personal information

We may automatically collect non-personal information about you such as the type of internet browsers you use or the website from which you linked to our site. We may also aggregate details which you have submitted to the site (for example, your age and the town where you live). You cannot be identified from this information and it is only used to assist us in providing an effective service on this website. We may from time to time supply third parties with this non-personal or aggregated data for uses in connection with this site.

The use of cookies

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We use the cookie information to improve our knowledge of the use of our website and to enable us to be able to ascertain whether the website is operating at an optimal level. This allows us to enhance our web offerings to you and to provide an enjoyable and an innovative online experience.

You can erase or block this information by changing the settings on your computer (please refer to your help screens or manuals). If you do erase or block this information you may not be able to utilise some features of the site.

[E-mail, [Feedback] and Forum Facilities

If at any time this site offers any e-mail, [feedback] or forum facilities, we may collect the information which you disclose. Such information will be used in accordance with this Privacy Policy.]

Keeping your records accurate

We aim to keep our information about you as accurate as possible. You have the right under the Privacy Act 1993 to access the personal information that we hold about you, and to ask us to correct it if necessary.  If you want to check the personal information that we may have collected from you or request the correction of any such information, please contact our Privacy Officer at [].

Use of your personal information submitted to other websites

We cannot be responsible for the privacy policies and practices of other websites even if:

  • you accessed the third party website using links from our website; or
  • you linked to our website from a third party website.

We recommend that you check the policy of each site you visit and contact the owner or operator of such websites if you have any concerns or questions.

Changes to this Privacy Policy change

From time to time we may make changes to this Privacy Policy. If we make any substantial changes to this Privacy Policy and the way in which we use your personal data we will post these changes on this page and will do our best to notify you of any significant changes. Please check our Privacy Policy on a regular basis.

Contacting us

If at any time you would like to contact us about any aspect of our Privacy Policy, including to make a complaint or to withdraw any consent that you have provided as to our collection, storage, or use of your personal information, you can do so by emailing us at [] [ or by contacting our Privacy Officer. 

Patent Marking and Notice

This Internet posting is intended to serve as notice under 35 USC § 287(a).

FELIWAY products may be covered by one or more of the following patents, patent applications or design patents, as well as other corresponding foreign patents.  Ceva Animal Health/Ceva Santé Animale does not mark all of its patents. By listing various patents herein, Ceva Animal Health/Ceva Santé Animale makes no admission that other relevant patents do not exist. Additional U.S. and foreign patents may apply and additional applicable patent applications may be pending in the U.S. and outside the U.S.

Patented FELIWAY may be sold individually or as a part of another product or device, and the listed patents would apply in both cases.

U.S. patent numbers: US20110077301- USD29/494,658