how to stop cat scratching furniture



Stop scratching on furniture


Clean all scratching marks

  • Use warm water and soap to remove any pheromones left by your cat's paws on the furniture

Help Stop Cat Scratching With Feliway

  • If your cat is already scratching furniture, use FELIWAY
  • The FELIWAY Diffuser comforts cats at home and reduces signs of stress such as scratching

If needed, also use FELIWAY Spray

  • If no improvement is seen after 2 weeks, consider also using FELIWAY Spray 
  • Apply FELIWAY Spray to the areas you do not want your cat to scratch

Follow scratching post “golden rules”

  • Vertical, sturdy and tall enough (at least 1M)
  • Placed near sleeping area and close to the scratched areas
  • At least 1 per cat
  • Essential because scratching is normal cat behaviour 

We recommend:

FELIWAY Diffuser

If scratching occurs in multiple areas, plug the Diffuser in the room where your cat spends most of his time


If scratching occurs in one single area, spray the affected area once daily

Why do cats scratch?

Scratching is a normal cat behaviour. When scratching, they mark their territory. This territory marking is both visible (the scratching lines) and invisible (pheromones). 

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When cats are unhappy or do not have a scratching post they may scratch your walls, doors or furniture.

In particular if:

  • your cat is scratching in many areas of the house
  • your cat is scratching near windows and doors
  • you have two or more cats
  • your cat has many “cat neighbours” (other cats living close to your home or roaming cats)
  • you had recent changes in your home (like new furniture, redecorating or renovating)

Using the FELIWAY Diffuser comforts cats at home and reduces signs of stress such as scratching. 

FELIWAY Spray can also be sprayed where your cat has been scratching, such as the sofa - once you have cleaned it with warm water or mild soap. Remember not to use FELIWAY Spray on the scratching post as this would stop your cat from using it.