Cat hiding, why and what you can do?


Cat hiding, why and what you can do?

How to get a cat out of hiding


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Understand why your cat may be excessively hiding

  • Recent changes at home? (new furniture, redecorating, moving home) 
  • Visitors, new family member, new pet at home?
  • Competition or tension with another cat?

Cats need to hide

  • Provide multiple cat hiding spots (cardboard boxes or baskets)
  • Easily accessible areas
  • Cats like their space, they may just need some down time

Consult your veterinarian

  • Underlying medical conditions can cause cats to hide
  • Check with your vet if signs continue
cat hiding under bed

We recommend:

FELIWAY Classic Diffuser

Plug in your cat’s favorite room continuously for at least 30 days.

FELIWAY Classic Spray

Spray your cat’s hiding spots to make them feel calm and comfortable.

Why do cats hide excessively?

Cats usually hide more when they feel threatened.

Many things can cause hiding:

  • People: cats commonly hide from visitors
  • Noises
  • Recent changes at home: adding new furniture, remodeling, new baby in the family
  • Another pet in the home: cats don’t like sharing resources like litter box, food bowls, etc… This may cause one cat to hide.
  • Recent change in your routine: has your usual schedule changed leading you to be busier and less available?
  • Also, several medical conditions cause pain or discomfort and maybe a reason for your cat to hide. If you cat spends most of its time hidden, consult your veterinarian.

Wait for your cat to spontaneously come out and ask for cuddling.

Reward your cat, with food or petting, for not hiding during potentially challenging situations. This encourages them to be brave again.

If you have several cats, give each cat their own food bowl, water bowl, litter box, etc. Put them in separate areas to avoid tension caused by competition.

Using FELIWAY CLASSIC Diffuser will help keep your cat feel secure and playful.