Cats not eating


Cats not eating - 5 things to do

Why does my cat stopped eating?


Consult with your veterinarian. Medical issues may cause changes in appetite.


Understand why your cat may be losing her appetite.

  • Recent change of food?
  • Competition with another cat for food?
  • Recent changes at home? (moving, new furniture, redecorating)
  • Recent traveling or boarding?

Help your cat eat normally again with FELIWAY CLASSIC

  • Releases “happy messages”’ to create a safe and secure environment at home
  • Results seen within the first 7 days week
  • Use continuously for at least 30 days

Follow “golden rules”

  • Offer tasty food: trying different flavors, in wet or dry. Food that is smelly is very appealing. Different cats have different tastes
  • Keep food in a quiet room
  • Keep food bowl always accessible
  • Each cat should have his own food bowl and it should be accessible at all times.
cat not eating

We recommend:

FELIWAY Classic Diffuser

Plug in your cat’s favorite room continuously for at least 30 days to reinforce feeling of security.

FELIWAY Classic Spray

Spray daily on your cat’s resting and hiding areas to make them more safe and secure.

Why do cats lose appetite?

Cats not eating can have either a medical or an emotional cause. Consult with your veterinarian for possible medical causes. Cats usually eat less when they feel disturbed.

Many things may conflict your cat’s natural need for stability, such as:

  • Traveling or boarding
  • Changes in the home can disturb cats (new furniture, redecorating)
  • A recent change in diet
  • Competition with other cats for food or water can keep your cat away from its food bowl or the presence of a dog.

Using FELIWAY CLASSIC Diffuser will help keep your cat feeling comfortable.