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Harley, 20 years old


I have been buying this constantly for several months after being recommended it by our vet. Our cat Harley is 15 this year and has always been a bit nervous. He's been accident prone right from a kitten and scared of his own shadow. We have been decorating the house for over a year now and we got new neighbours last year too, all of which made him worse than usual. He started pulling out his fur resulting in bald patches on his back and belly together with his back rippling as if something was irritating him. His behaviour was so abnormal we took him to the vet. Once he ruled out any flea or tick problems (he has Frontline drops every month so didn't think this would be the cause) he suggested FELIWAY and we are glad he did. Harley is noticeably calmer since we plugged this in in the lounge where he spends most of his time. My husband can smell it but I can't until it has nearly run out but it's not an unpleasant smell anyway. I have also bought him some calming treats this week as we had a flood upstairs which has unsettled him again but nowhere near as bad as before.