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Izzy , Yoda & BLue

I got blue into the house, she had been very traumatized from a bad abusive home. And she wasn't fixed, like I had been told. Because of the seasons, and she hadn't gone into heat right away (I had been told by vets that in cooler temps some cats wont until weather warmed up). However she peed everywhere. I thought she just wasn't fully litter trained. It got so bad I had Tarps put underneath blankets and vinyl table cloths to protect furniture and cloth items. It was breaking my heart with fear that I may have to give her up because it was destroying my home and the smell was horrible. Then my dad told me about a neighbor who had an older cat who just started marking different areas of the house. She got FELIWAY Classic and recommended I try it. LIFE CHANGER. I got it, then saved up to get her fixed and used it for a couple more months to stop her habitable peeing (Just incase) and never had an issue since. I RECOMMEND TO EVERYONE!!!!!