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Kahlua , Smokey

WORTH EVERY PENNY!! I have 2 cats, one is a super confident easy going boy, my younger one is timid and nervous and very bonded to me. My youngest,Kahlua, grew up knowing Smokey and never had any issues, she loved him, however after we moved things changed. Kahlua became more anxious and dominant, and would occasionally have non-recognition aggression toward her older brother. She wouldn’t allow him downstairs and would attack him is she seen him, Smokey was getting stressed. I finally took the plunge and bought FELIWAY Friends diffuser, within a day Kahlua was a different cat, she was much calmer and comfortable with her brother, she rubs up on him as opposed to staring uncomfortably at him. Thank you FELIWAY team for such an awesome product!! Highly recommend! Working at a pet boarding facility I am going to see if my boss will get a classic diffuser in our cat room as it’s such a great product!