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Luna, 7 years old


My cat is called Luna, she’s lived with me for 7 years. I love her so much.

She doesn’t trust people. She’s always on the alert and she is especially scared of loud noises and thunder. You can see when she’s scared, poor her. She runs away & hides in the strangest places, like the closet. Her fear brings damage, when she runs away she ruins my furniture, like the sofa. I really care for Luna, so when I see her like this I’m upset.

I used FELIWAY Classic for 30 days and I’ve seen a radical change! I’ve found Luna much more relaxed. She welcomes petting when people come over. Now she sniffs them,she lets herself be petted, she sits on the sofa with us. She doesn’t scratch the sofa anymore. And when there are problems, like she hears strange noises or thunder, I see she’s much more relaxed. With me she has become even more affectionate, more attached. I would recommend FELIWAY to anyone who has problems with their cats or who wants to see their cat more relaxed. I am very happy now with Luna!

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