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Risotto, 6 years old

anxious cat

Hello, I am Aurore,let me introduce you to my husband Fabien our little boy Martin and our cat Risotto.

Risotto is a little cat that has been anxious since the birth of Martin.

Risotto was meowing every night. It's 6am and Risotto just woke up the baby. Now that we are up he is not meowing any more.

He was depressed, sleeping all day, he didn't feel like playing with us anymore. He was eating less.

A salesman in a petshop told us about FELIWAY Optimum.

The product is very easy to use. It diffuses the product 24:7 during a month.

We felt that our cat was a lot more relaxed, he started playing and eating again.

Recently he has been getting on really well with Martin. He comes to smell him and check on him.

It's a peaceful cohabitation.

By using FELIWAY Optimum, we got his spark back, his playfulness.

Our little Risotto is now part of family again!