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Sunny , Star

cat hiding

Because of Sunny’s start in life, he’d had a couple of homes before he came to me, he definitely seemed to have a fear of change.

I got him this lovely new cat bed, and within a few days he had unfortunately tiddled in it and this carried on being an ongoing thing.

Sunny and Star both have a bit of a history of clawing carpets and they actually destroyed a whole stairs carpet.

Since I started using FELIWAY Optimum, life’s been great and there’s been a lot of things that have stopped completely.

There’s no scratching pretty much at all on any of my new carpets, which is brilliant.

We haven’t had a cat bed tiddle issue in quite a while which is really good.

There’s a point that came along in my life, working at home a lot more, that coincided with wanting to update the home and I started decorating the house.

There was a lot of changes happening I was a little bit concerned at one point that some of the bad behaviours were coming back and FELIWAY Optimum was exactly what we needed, just something a bit more that was going to help keep Sunny and Star happy.

So a new product for a new time in mine and the cats’ lives.

If they’re happy, then I’m happy. That’s what’s most important.