Success Stories See "happy together" stories of cats helped by FELIWAY

Maria, 5 years old


The exceptional performance of FELIWAY did my female cat feel safe again in our home. In July 2014 we adopted a male cat to breed with her ​​in the future and her reaction was the worst possible. She hated the idea of sharing her things, her owners and affection with another cat. She fought with him, snorted, scratched ... She even pooped and urinated when faced with him and also was hidden all the time behind the bookcase, it was terrible! I was about to give up when I found Feliway. I purchase it, follow the procedures applying the spray in the main rooms of the house, beside plug in a diffuser in her room with the cat… I used FELIWAY for up to 10 days. It was enough. She ended up making peace with her new friend and even came in heat. Today they have five beautiful and healthy kittens. Thanks to everyone who participated in any way for this product could exist and be so efficient. Claudia Regis, Brazil