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Gomette, 3 years old


This is Gomette. She is 3 years old. She is very playful and cuddly. The first time I saw Gomette, I wanted to take care of her. I got a new job that takes a lot more of my time. I think that she responds badly to being left alone. She started scratching my leather sofa. Because I wasn’t there, she wanted to show her discontent.

I often go to pets trade shows to check out the new gadgets, this is where I first heard of Feliway. I can’t smell anything when it’s plugged in, but I can see a change in her attitude. I noticed that the intense meowing stopped and that my sofa stopped being damaged. Gomette is a lot more relaxed, sociable, playful and very cuddly. I can see that she feels good, so I feel good!

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