Unhappy cat

Signs of unhappy cats

How does your cat tell you it's not completely happy?

Cats are very discrete in showing that their needs are not fulfilled.

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Signs your cat is not completely comfortable may include:

  • Scratching in your home on door frames, walls, furniture, etc.
  • Spraying with urine on your walls and furniture, while still using their litter tray. Urine spraying is a way for cats to reinforce their territorial marks.
  • Hiding more often in a cupboard, under your bed, or staying away from you.
  • If you have 2 or more cats: tension or fighting with other cats.
  • Losing appetite or getting picky with their usual food.
  • Being less active than usual.
  • Over grooming, sometimes so much that there are completely bald areas on their body.
  • Eating more than usual.

These different signs must be taken seriously when noticed. Sometimes they can be quite subtle and easily overlooked. 

Any of these signs, especially if new in your cat’s habits, is your cat's way of telling you it is not completely happy.

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