FELIWAY - The Cat Calming Experts More Than 20 Years In Cat Calming

The Cat Calming Experts - More Than 20 Years in Cat Calming!

FELIWAY he cat calming solution

Benefits of Using FELIWAY


More Than 20 Years In Cat Calming

FELIWAY is used worldwide for over 20 years and is the #1 Cat calming product with more than 11 miliion cats helped.

Over this time we have built up knowledge on cat behavior. Through use of our interactive apps you can get personalised advice for your situation and cats character, try our apps:


#1 Vet Recommended Solution to Reduce Scratching & Spraying

Even difficult situations like peeing outside the litterbox and scratching furniture FELIWAY has proven itself to be the go-to solution.

Often Cat Owners try FELIWAY for a problem and continue to use because of the other benefits, such as:

  • Cat becomes more playful and cuddly, 
  • Start playing and sleeping together in multicat households

Helping you to be happy together


Helps Cats Feel Calm at Home

We recommend:

FELIWAY Classic Diffuser

A clinically proven solution to provide constant comfort to cats at home and help decrease urine spraying, scratching, or hiding

FELIWAY Friends Diffuser

Helps your cats live together in harmony and helping to decrease fighting, chasing and blocking