How your cat feels in our modern life

  • Cats have natural needs linked to their feline nature.
  • Cats are territorial animals. They like to feel in control of their environment.
  • They want to freely access any part of their territory. This is especially important for essentials like eating, toileting, resting, and playing.
  • Cats are also rather solitary animals. They do not easily share their territory and their essentials with other cats.

How can modern life conflict with cats’ natural needs?

Our modern lifestyle involuntarily often conflicts our cats' needs.

Read below the 5 cats’ essential needs that can be frustrated


1 Space

We keep our cats indoors for their safety. But if the outside world were safe, cats would love to experience the freedom to roam. 


2 Autonomy

Cats are cats.They like to do things on their own schedule. But when sharing a space with other pets or visitors, their schedule may be disrupted.


3 Calm

Cats like peace and quiet. Household conveniences, like vacuum cleaners, can easily disrupt their nap time.


4 Escape paths

Cats like to survey their domain. When we close doors to keep them out of certain rooms, this can lead to frustration.


5 Stability

Cats are very territorial. They like their familiar, safe and secure area. When we move to a new house the change of environment can be very unsettling for our cats.