Cat pee on couch cushion

How your cat feels in our modern life

  • Cats have natural needs linked to their feline nature.
  • Cats are territorial animals. They like to feel in control of their environment.
  • They want to freely access any part of their territory. This is especially important for essentials like eating, toileting, resting, and playing.
  • Cats are also rather solitary animals. They do not easily share their territory and their essentials with other cats.

How can modern life conflict with cats’ natural needs?

Our modern lifestyle often conflicts with our cats' needs.

Read below the 5 cats’ essential needs that can be frustrated


1 Space

Many of us cat lovers choose to keep our cats indoors with limited or no access to the outside. This is just the opposite of what cats prefer!


2 Autonomy

Cats are rather solitary and want to be their own boss. As pets though, cats cannot decide where and when they can find food for example. Especially if they have to live with another cat mate.


3 Calm

Cats are calm animals who like routine and don’t like to be surprised. Conversely, our modern lives resonate with variety and loud noises.


4 Escape paths

Cats do not like to be constrained. Facing a closed door or window or even another pet or a child in their path represents a challenge for them.


5 Stability

Cats like stability, especially in their home. On the opposite, most of us enjoy travelling and discovering new locations!